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Features of your Daily Calendar

What is displayed in the calendar and how?

Order of date specifications

Basically, the tear-off calendar displays the date in the following order:
  • The current day of the week
  • The day of the month
  • Month and year
  • User entry (birthday, anniversary, event...)
  • Calendar week

User Entries

Users can access the area where calendar entries can be made via the INTERFACE link in the navigation bar. These will then be displayed on the corresponding date in the tear-off calendar.


It is possible to add a hyperlink to calendar entries. Upon clicking the corresponding entry, the user is taken to the respective content. Links open in a new window.

Single and recurring entries

It can be specified whether a user entry should be displayed only once on a certain date or if the event repeats annually. If both a one-time and a recurring entry are present for a date, the one-time entry takes priority and is displayed in the tear-off calendar.
One-time entries are moved to the bottom of the overview list after the date has passed and must be manually deleted if they are not to be reused.

Annual numbers for recurring entries

If space allows, the year number is displayed in parentheses for recurring dates. This is particularly useful for birthdays and anniversaries.
However, the function only works if the date is less than 1000 years ago.

Color settings

In the Settings area (see navigation bar), several adjustments can be set for colors in your calendar. User entries can be highlighted in a certain color and you might also set different colors for Sundays and weekdays. Depending on the calendar type, also adjustments for background color, border or border radius can be made.


The display of the day of the week (Mon. - Sun.) and the month (Jan. - Dec.) is based on the preferred language of the end-user. This means that the representation of this information is ultimately dependent on the location or settings of the person viewing it, i.e. the visitor to your website.

Time Zones

All date and time information in the tear-off calendar is also based on the end-user's system time. So it doesn't matter if your visitor is in the USA, France, or India. Different time zones are compensated and your visitor will see the valid date and time for their location. This also applies to user entries, they will only appear or disappear when the corresponding date and time is reached by the end-user.

Christmas Tree

If desired, a festive calendar page can be chosen for the tear-off calendar for the month of December. The corresponding setting can be found in the navigation bar under SETTINGS (only visible after logging in).

Missing Calendar Week?

The space for user entries is very limited. Therefore, for a date on which user entries are to be presented, the calendar week may be omitted under certain circumstances (depending on the space available).

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