Terms of Use

NewsP.eu Tear-Off Calendar

The purpose of the offer is to provide a tear-off calendar with the option to input individual data and anniversaries by the user. The user integrates the calendar into his homepage. The entered data will then be displayed on the participating website at the given time. The individual entries can be accompanied by hyperlinks.

Please make sure to pay attention to the points below

  1. The tear-off calendar is integrated into the user's page using an iFrame.
  2. The iFrame (which loads the calendar) places a single cookie on the visitor's computer. This cookie only contains a time information to determine the visitor's time zone. This is necessary to display the correct date for the visitor. The lifetime of the cookie is 24 hours.
  3. a) All websites are generally eligible to participate. However, pages with pornographic content, glorifying violence, racist or generally illegal content are excluded.
    b) The links set in the calendar must not refer to such content.
  4. The service provider has the right to exclude individual accounts from participation without stating reasons.
  5. Additional program options, such as the bonus program, can be deactivated by the operator for individual accounts without stating reasons. This usually occurs in cases of abuse.
  6. The service provider has the right to discontinue the service at any time without giving reasons or claiming compensation.
  7. The user can delete their account at any time in the SETTINGS section. This will permanently delete the entire account and all stored data, including the email address.