NewsP ScreenShots

Before you install the script have a look at some screen shots of the user interface, if it is what you are looking for:

  • Write overview: This is where you write your news, edit it or delete it. Furthermore you have an overview of the latest news. You can choose between 2 editors, CKEditor or OpenWYSIWYG.

  • Unlock comments: If you allow your visitors to leave comments, you can unlock them before they appear on your website. Of cause you can edit or delete them as well.

  • Picture upload: This is the interface to upload pictures. If you want you can scale them automatically during upload. Several directorys can be created to sort your pictures.

  • Public settings: Here you can adjust different things affecting your website, as well as some texts to ask visitors for comments (visible for admin only).

  • Internal settings: This are settings regarding the interface it self i.e. program language (English or German) or which editor you want to use (CKEditor or OpenWYSIWYG) (visible for admin only).

  • Email settings: The programm can inform the admin about things happening in an email. Select the messages you want to have here (visible for admin only).

  • HTML (PHP) Layout: Very important! Here you appoint the NewsP layout on your website. It is very easy but should be done in one of the first steps. You only have to paste the blank html-code (or php code) of your website here and add the placeholders you want to have.
    Note, relative pathes for includes or your css file might require a ../ infront. (visible for admin only)

  • Newsbox: Here you find two alternatives to add a automated newsbox to each of your websites. (visible for admin only)

  • User administration: You can create several user accounts to write news for your website. Depending on how good you know them you can give them different rights. (visible for admin only)