First steps after installation

To have a quick and uncomplicated start with NewsP, there are some little things to keep in mind:


After your first login you'll be asked for your email addressee and a new password (for the first login username and password is Admin). After you have changed this you need to login again. Please fill in a correct email address. If you don't do so, there will be no chance to get your password again if you have lost it one day.


One of your first steps after installation should be to customize the "HTML (PHP) layout" to your website. This might sound confusing, but it's very easy and will be done within a few minutes. You just have to copy the blank html-code of your website to a text field and add some placeholders to the positions where the news or things like date, writer.. should be displaied later.


The newsbox is a little window where your latest news are displayed automatically, like you can see it at the upper right on this page. There is a small code you can copy to every site of your web project where it should show up.

That's it, the first steps are done. Now the only thing you have to do is writing news. If you don't like writing yourself, maybe you can find somebody at the numerous job exchanges on the internet who will do that for you for a little money.
As you know, news on your website are important for search engines. A good period for launching news is once a month. With NewsP you can write a couple of news today and launch them step by step at a specific date. Thus your website keeps it self up to date automatically.