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NewsP.eu Calendar

A free little gadget, also for your website

What is the NewsP.eu Daily Calendar?

The NewsP.eu Daily Calendar is a free feature for almost any website, which not only displays the current date in the form of a tear-off calendar, but also points to your very personal events, anniversaries or events. Each calendar entry can be hyperlinked if you like.

How can I add my own entries?

After logging in, you can comfortably enter and edit your own anniversaries and individual events in the "INTERFACE" area. These will then be displayed on the respective date on your website.

How is the calendar integrated on my website?

The calendar is embedded on your website using <iframe>...</iframe>. All you need to do is copy the code displayed after logging in and paste it at the appropriate location on your page.
This means that to use the tear-off calendar on your website, no requirements will be placed on your server or web space. Only the inclusion of an iFrame must be allowed. Therefore, no programming knowledge is required.