Free News Script

NewsP was developed to get a tool that makes websites more popular in search engines and therefore get a better ranking. Actuality is a main focus of search engines. This script helps you keeping your website up to date using a comfortable editor.

Because NewsP is a SEO tool, it creates a own website (php) for each of your news. This means your news won't be included in a stupid template of your website. Amongst others your news will have a content related title and meta description. Even the file name is content related.

System requirements: NewsP needs PHP 5 or higher. That's it, it needs no MySQL database!

  Some features and benefits of NewsP news script:

  • Write news to appear in the future.
  • expire date possible.
  • Comment function for visitors can be enabled/ disabled for each news entry.
  • Newsbox can be included to each website and is always up to date automatically.
  • Creates a own website (php) for each news entry, with content related file name, title-tag, meta-description...
  • Picture upload.
  • No MySQL required, this means the script will also run on the "small webspace".
  • Layout 100% according to website within 2 minutes.
  • Unlimited number of users with different rights.
  • Programm language English or German.